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Sexy TwitPics: Katharine McPhee

07.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Try, if you will, to process this: 11 years have passed since we were first introduced to enduring hottie Katharine McPhee, winning hearts and minds on Season 5 of American Idol. It's hard for the cynical and alike to hear the term "blessed" and not cringe at the hokey implications that come with such a description. But when reflecting on a woman such as McPhee, who's been gifted not only with stunning beauty but also talent and lasting appeal, it's hard to argue against the possibility of a higher power currying favor with our current subject. Whatever the reason for Katharine's many gifts, whether because of divine bias or a genetic luck of the draw, she's the total package – stunningly gorgeous yet not intimidating, grandiose yet down-to-earth, sexy and classy; I could go on and on. From pop star to movie star (SHARK NIGHT 3D counts, right?) to television star, this pouty lip provocateur has certainly taken her slice of the cherry pie.

Having said all that... Riddle me this? How is it such a class act currently sits at the low-end of the social media spectrum? – on the rounded down side of 200K followers on both Instagram and Twitter. I've yet to meet a fellow enthusiast who dares speak ill about anything concerning Katharine. Why would they? At 32, maybe she just missed the cutoff age to be calculated amongst the slightly younger crop of hotties who pioneered the attention-getting game by playing it in cyberspace. Or, since there's probably no one way to answer that question, we'll chalk it up to good old-fashioned ignorance. It's easy to feel kinda bad for millions of social media junkies who aren't in the know, or who are wasting valuable time following (Ugh... I will not speak her name aloud but it rhymes with Tim Zardashian; she has 76 million followers). That huge imbalance is another one of the great mysteries of existence. I've always said the pros of social media outweigh the cons, but that doesn't mean pitfalls like this aren't serious cause for concern.

But enough about the lack of taste spreading throughout the Internet. Katharine McPhee can take anything and make it sexy. From a dress that starts at the base of the neck and ends at the top of her feet, to a skimpy bikini being consumed by her world-renowned ass – she looks irresistible in all things. Sadly, we have little to no idea how she looks out of all things, and, as you'll see from the video below, has only teased us with the wonders that extend beyond her normally exposed midriff. She's remained steadfast in her reluctant ways, which she should – if there was any desire to bump up those numbers – toss aside along with her underwear.

Source: TwitterInstagram


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