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Sexy TwitPics: Kat Dennings

06.11.2013by: Salacious Crumb

It doesn't seem like long ago we first laid our eyes on Kat Dennings. Like many people, I was introduced to Kat and her wobbly bits in her role as a sexually frustrated daughter in 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. The role wasn't particularly big, but it was memorable, and she eventually landed her first starring role in NICK AND NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST. These days, Kat's been moving up in the world, with a significant supporting role as Darcy Lewis in THOR, and of course, her starring gig on "2 Broke Girls". She's also probably the only reason any male ever checks out that show, even if they're only rewarded with Kat constantly making one-liners about the size of her... cupcakes. While she acknowledges them on the show, she tends to keep them hidden from social media outlets. Just like Brangelina and their kids.

Except these twins weren't adopted.

I dig Denning's tweetings, but it would be, at the very least, imprecise to label them "sexy" as a whole. She's one of the more bodacious funny girls around, but unlike some past "TwitPic" hotties with similar assets, Kat keeps her Dennings to her self for the most part (she's also not the type to flaunt herself in a bikini, unfortunately). What I like about Kat's day-to-day Instagram updates is they're never boring. She usually applies her sense of humor when it comes to sharing pictures, and  generally avoids posting images of things no one would care to see, like duck ponds, Cheerios and new boyfriends (*cough cough* Kelly Brook *cough*... Allergies). And I know it sounds like my usual ass-kissing spiel, but Kat really does seem to be more down to earth than many people might think. For example, she tends to pick up on things most of us are too isolated in our own minds to notice. For further example, look at these pictures of things she discovered on the ground...

Kat doesn't utilize Twitter quite as much as her Instagram account these days, but if you care to check it out, you can do so HERE. You can visit her Instagram, which seems to be more of her "thing", by clicking HERE. If you choose to do so, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised by this not-so-broke girl's insights and amusing adecdotes, or you'll be sadly disappointed by the lack of cleavage shots. Either way, I hope you enjoy this collection of highlight moments, hand-taken by Kat Dennings...


Extra Tidbit: By the way, Kat was born on June 13th, so let's wish her an early happy birthday, shall we?


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