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Sexy TwitPics: Kara Del Toro

05.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

“You'll come to learn a great deal if you study the Insignificant in depth.” This is a quote by Odysseus Elytis; one that crosses my mind whenever I ponder over questions like: What does eating greasy fast food have to do with tits? A question of so little importance, you can't help but wonder why you would make an effort to answer it. Perhaps there is a great deal to be learned – in this instance: about mankind, human nature and primitive desires – when issues of the insignificant arise. 

Carl's Jr. and 138 Water, two companies dealing in commodities that have absolutely nothing to do with sexuality, have somehow supplanted champions of exploitation like Playboy and even Maxim as a career springboard for rising hotties who secretly seek the approval (and affection) of every man who lays eyes upon them. If they didn't; why then subject themselves to the most shamelessly misogynistic commercial and marketing campaigns out there? This may sound like disapproval, but I couldn't be more on board with a fast food chain that somehow convinced models like Kate Upton, Charlotte McKinney and our focused-on babe, Kara Del Toro, to use their gift of eliciting lust for promoting food that shares all the health benefits of a gravy-on-everything diet.

                          For Buisness                                                                                                    For Pleasure

The infamous commercial in question is old news; our lady of the cheeseburger has since moved on to a strict diet of self promotion. Most of the content featuring the stupefyingly hot (yes, that's a word) brunette is delivered by way of social media. 169k followers on Instagram; 3.5k followers on Twitter. Not exactly record shattering numbers considering there are many, like myself, who percieve this perfectly formed female's sex appeal to be greater than that of her cohort in pushing carbs, Charlotte McKinney – never underestimate the allure of massive tits. Just look at this collection of posted pics; every selfie and candid moment captured looks fit to print. Flawless caramel skin, an hourglass figure, pouty lips and boobs abound, generously delivered to you on a regular basis by the social media junkie herself. Say thank you.

Without a segue into my conclusive thought and in the interest of coming full circle: However tasteless, or just plain ridiculous, you view manipulative marketing techniques and the sheep that are so easily influenced by them, there's absolutely nothing insignificant about Kara Del Toro. In a universe filled to the brim with unanswerable questions, her purpose is clear, and her existence is a gift to any art lover who knows a masterpiece when they see one.

Bonus Video, Because it's awesome:

Source: TwitterInstagram


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