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Sexy TwitPics: Kaili & Dani Thorne

06.09.2015by: Salacious Crumb

It's a Game of Thornes in this week's celebration of seductive selfies, as we're featuring the internet-famous Kaili Thorne and her slightly younger sister Dani Thorne. While these two twenty-somethings are indeed "actresses" as well, most would argue that they're more well known for being longtime friends of the Kardashian and Jenner families, as they're constantly either seen together or tweeting at one another. You may be wondering why I've decided to share the social media antics of both sisters this week. Well, we wouldn't want there to be any sibling rivalry, now would we? However, I know it can be confusing to distinguish which sister is which, especially if you're not too familiar with either, so just to make things clear...

Kaili Thorne Dani Thorne

As far as acting goes, Kaili has a little more of a "horror" background, having appeared in flicks like CHILLERAMA, the TV-movie DEMONS and the currently in post-production ICE SCREAM, which sounds promising. Dani, the "modest" one, has appeared in shows like "Hannah Montana" and "Zoe 101". On top of that, Kaili and Dani starred alongside each other together in the 2008 short film "Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant". Their younger sis Bella Thorne (BLENDED, THE DUFF) seems to be on a more steady track to becoming a consistent actress. Truth be told, both Kaili and Dani are mostly known for constantly showing off their talents on Twitter and Instagram.

If I had to pick one to be stranded on a desert island with, I'd probably have to go with Kaili, even with that random tat of a wolf's head on her left rib. She seems to be the leader of the pack in regards to sexual sovereignty. You may even notice she's slightly more featured in this gallery, but that's mainly because Dani doesn't seem to pop out of her shell as much. While they both seem like they'd be bundles of fun in a hammock, Kaili seems to be a little more on the silly side. Kaili's butt is also unbelievably gorgeous, and she loves showing it off, which is why I can't imagine why I've only discovered her recently. Plus, when you see pics in this gallery that are nearly NSFW, they're probably hers.

If you reach the end of this page in desperation for more, you can check out Kaili's Instagram here and/or Dani's Instagram here. Happy scrolling!


Extra Tidbit: Which sister would you rather take home and Thorne?
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