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Sexy TwitPics: Jessica Nigri

04.15.2014by: Salacious Crumb

There's a lot going on this upcoming weekend, with spring break, Easter and, of course, Anaheim's WonderCon 2014. Sure, the "excitement" factor of WonderCon might be several notches down from San Diego's Comic-Con, but it's fun, and it's in my neck of the woods. Plus, it' draws in a lot of true "convention junkies", the ones who attend as many conventions as possible to show off their latest advancements in homemade costumes. Kind of like Jessica Nigri.

In case that picture above didn't ring any bells, Jessica was featured in various online and commercial advertisements for the video-game Lollipop Chainsaw, which is the best title for a game I've never played. Just to be clear, Jessica did not lend her voice to the lead character in the game, but simply wore a similar costume in some online ads. It doesn't really matter anyway, because Jessica is more recognized by her fans as a cosplay-loving child trapped in a supermodel's body.

I think it's time for an adventure! In my pants!

If you're not a fan of nerd culture or skimpy costumes, you should probably stay away from all of Nigri's social media outlets. This is a girl who lives and breathes costume design. She'll update you with the pre-production of the outfit, the progression of the costume, and even side-by-side comparisons of the original character and herself in-costume. Jessica seems to enjoy making herself look as hot possible, but she's also known to get a little weird, and perhaps just on the edge of creepy.

I'd still hit it.

While I honestly don't have too strong of an opinion about Jessica, I do think she's a babe, and I admire her creative efforts in the convention community. She puts a lot of thought and patience into her designs, and has been known to create some really badass fake weapons from scratch. She seems have her hands full at all times, whether she's modeling her homemade outfits or traveling to Japan to party with 10-year-old nuns. Most importantly, she enjoys interacting with people, and when it comes to her fans, she takes all the support she can get.

If you fancy Jessica Nigri and her social media exploits, you can find her on Twitter here, or on Instagram here.



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