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Sexy TwitPics: Jessica Lowndes

02.10.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Typically, a hottie with a firm grasp on the idea of social networking won't take long to pick up what their fans enjoy seeing them post. Sometimes it starts off with a single underwear selfie, which snowballs into a hundred more undie shots over the next year. Then again, there are some hotties who've spent years barely posting anything worth mentioning on social media, but have just recently decided to spread their wings and go "all out", as they say. Jessica Lowndes is one of these women.

If you recognize this Canadian hottie, but don't remember where she's from, you're probably just suppressing memories of watching the 90210 series remake. Don't worry, it's natural. Just to clarify, Lowndes is no stranger to things like Twitter and/or Instagram, and has posted some notably provocative personal images over the years, but they were posted sporadically. However, 2015 is looking to be Jessica's year to literally make waves on the internet. She's been handling her cell phone like there's some competition at hand. It's almost like her New Year's resolution was to reach out and communicate more with her fans... via photographs of herself wearing different bikinis, of course.

Naturally, someone as ludicrously luscious as Lowndes would have a swarm of friends/bystanders surrounding her at all times. Luckily, a lot of them are other hot chicks, and those who aren't serve the purpose of getting pics of Jessica from various angles. As far as the contents of her gallery goes, she will post images of coffee, food and flowers occasionally, but it's a fair balance between that and the good stuff. She's also been nice enough to post videos of her workout routine, but the best way to sum up Jessica Lowndes's gallery might as well be "bikinis galore". I personally don't mind it, especially considering how great the evidently look on her.

So if you want to witness Jessica's attractiveness in action, as it grows more powerful day by day, you can do so by following her on Instagram here, or Twitter here.


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