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Sexy TwitPics: Jessica Alba

07.23.2013by: Salacious Crumb

It's about darned time we exploited the sensuous TwitPics of a movie star who is adored by all. Or appalled by some? F*ck it, Jessica Alba is adored by all. If not for her acting skills or her "just don't let them near you" approach to the general public, it's for the sweet and utter adorableness she displays onscreen.

Frankly, "sweet" and "adorable" are both more accurate terms than "sexy" when it comes to describing Jessica's elaborate Twitter/Instagram gallery. This is usually a little upsetting to me, personally, but many of you schmoes have dug these types of galleries from other hotties in the past (Kat Dennings, Alison Brie). Could I be annoyed with the fact that at least 50% of Alba's recent uploaded pics are of her kids? Yes. Could I also just be a really shallow human being obsessed with T&A? Yes. But damn it all, for a woman whose ass practically has superpowers when revealed on the big screen, Jessica's TwitPics are extremely tame for the most part. On occasion, her TwitPic platter has some extra spice, like when she hangs out with her fellow MILF, Sofia Vergara.

All this to say, you just might enjoy ogling photos of Nancy Callahan in her natural environment. With over 6 million Twitter followers, and over 2 million Instagram followers, it's hard to deny such a possibility. So if you feel the desire, go ahead get started on stalking Jessica on Twitter HERE, or on Instagram HERE, and feel free to "unfollow" whenever the desire strikes. Lord knows I did. But if you're too technologically inapt to do so, please enjoy this round up of Jessica's more delicious bundle of personal pics. Happy scrolling!



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