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Sexy TwitPics: Jennette McCurdy

07.09.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Now more than ever, "iCarly" alumni Jennette McCurdy has been subtly moving her way into Hottieville. Why? Well, for one, because that's what girls who were raised on Nickelodeon/Disney tend to do, but it's also a great way to push her new series "Sam & Cat" (in which she stars alongside Ariana Grande) to the top of the charts. I notice this because Jennette's been actively "tweeting" scrumptious pictures of herself since the dawn of the year. Therefore, things can only get juicier from here on out, now that the silly, incoherent new series has officially kicked off (and rather successfully, I might add). But none of that matters to you, I'm sure. Alls you want is to ogle some self-taken pics of this up-and-coming hottie posing in the mirror. Luckily for you, that's exactly what you're getting.


I've honestly never looked twice at McCurdy, but that's mainly because I've hardly ever looked once at this particular Nick chick, having never seen an episode of "iCarly". However, she's earned somewhat of a reputation online as one of the most anticipated sexy rising stars. As you'll see, she's even gotten herself into some pretty sensual photoshoots, despite working on a program that's geared towards children. Yes, Nickelodeon is pretty self-aware of their knack for producing complete and utter absurdity, and hell, I enjoyed shows like "All That" and "Keenan & Kel" when I was a kid. I guess "Sam & Cat" is just weirder because it stars two easy-on-the-eye adults, yet I can't imagine it appealing to or benefitting your average 20-year-old in any way (other than as truly mindless entertainment). I think what they need is an enviornmetally friendly episode in which Sam and Cat try to conserve water, so they decide to start showering together. Yeah, some education, that's what the show could use.


 Perhaps in the season finale.

One thing I will say in McCurdy's defense is that she seems to be really cool to her fans. I've brought this up before, but I actually remember seeing Jennette and another actor on lunch right outside of Nickelodeon studios, and she looked really happy to stop and snap some photos with the young ones who were excited to see her. Now if that's not the the true definition of "sexy", then I don't know what is. By following her on Twitter, you get the daily feed on Jennette's love for her fans, plus she posts plenty of things on Instagram and Vine as well (including whatever the hell this is). You can even get a chance to speculate McCurdy's curves up-close, by attending something called "McCurdicon". No I'm not making that up, in fact, there's a Twitter just for that. Here's some more evidence...

As I mentioned atop the column, McCurdy's TwitPic gallery will probably only increase in temperature, getting hotter and hotter as the summer goes on, so why not get caught up to speed on it now? If you like what you see, then by all means start stalking this blonde hottie by clicking HERE.


Extra Tidbit: What do you make of Jennette's McCurvies?


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