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Sexy TwitPics: Jen Selter

08.25.2015by: Salacious Crumb

If you're a fan of girls in yoga pants, you've come to the right place. This week, we'll be turning our attention to a magnificent collection of selfies from Jennifer Selter, a "workout motivation girl" who resides in New York City. Given the title of her profession, you might assume this hottie spends the majority of her days posting masterfully shot pics of her defined glutes on social media. This assumption is not only correct, but also a massive understatement. 

Selter's not the first random hot chick on the planet to gain fame by wearing stretchy fabrics that accentuate her gorgeous curves, but she may go down as one of the greats. She's even been referred to as the proud owner of Instagram's Most Famous Butt. With loads of attention from various social media networks coming her way, there's a good chance many of you have seen her, whether you realized it was her or not. After all, she only has ove 7 million followers on Instagram (can you explain why you're not one of them?). The fact that Selter isn't a single ounce shy about showing off her backseat doesn't hurt. Let's just say when it comes to selfies, this is a woman who knows exactly what to deliver.

Someone get a fax machine, pronto!

As high of a number as 7 million is, it's worth noting that Selter's popularity started to gain traction no more than a couple of years ago. With 625 posts and counting, she pretty much has the world at her finger tips. In another couple of years, we may be seeing Jen on her very own instructional yoga series, or with less luck, guest-starring as one of Charlie Sheen's floosies on a crappy sitcom. Ah, heck, who am I kidding? A simple "leaked" sex tape would do just fine. Selter's got a whole lot ahead of her, although not nearly as much as she has behind her.

If you choose to join the millions and millions of those who've already surrendered to Selter's soufflé of selfie seduction, don't wait any longer and check out her Twitter page here, or her much more accommodating Instagram page here. Happy scrolling, as always!



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