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Sexy TwitPics: Iliza Shlesinger

05.19.2015by: Salacious Crumb

With the success of PITCH PERFECT 2 making it a good weekend for funny women, why not take some time to observe one who posts lots of bikini pics on Twitter? This week, we'll be setting our sites on comedian Iliza Shlesinger, whom you may know as the undefeated champion of the 6th season of "Last Comic Standing". She also went on to host the dating show "Excused", has appeared numerous times on the E! Network's "The Soup", and released her latest stand-up special Freezing Hot on Netflix earlier this year. However, what matters here is whether or not her TwitPics will help get you through a rough day. Lucky for you, most of Shelsinger's social media exploits are rather delicious on the eyes. The fact that she has a sense of humor to carry it along is just a major plus.

I have to admit, reading Shlesinger's comments along with pictures she mosts makes for a titillating good time. Sure, she's not a "glamour model with giant cleavage" per se, but she is undeniabley hot. This is probably the result of her many hours spent at the gym, as made evident by her posts. She often shows pics of her butt pointed toward the camera asking things like "Did I break the internet?... Is it broken? No? K." Of course, not every sexy tweet is accompanied by a witty remark, but I like to think she's the closest thing we've got to this generation's Jenny McCarthy. I know. High praise, right?

If you find yourself delighted one way or the other by this gallery, I strongly urge you to check out Iliza's Twitter page here, or her Instagram here. You won't be disappointed. Happy scrolling!



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