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Sexy TwitPics: Hunter Haley King

05.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Going from a supporting role on The Young and the Restless to a fruitful career in film is a daunting task, even for the most ambitious of female thespians. It's not impossible; Demi Moore, Meg Ryan, Melissa Leo and Robin Wright all started on daytime television, but these days it's a wholy different game. Premium cable series are now the preferred pool of talent from which directors and movie producers draw from, making the transition from soap star to movie star all the more difficult. Perhaps I'm biased or perhaps I'm infatuated, but I firmly believe Hunter Hailey King is up to the challenge. Full disclosure: I'm well aware that assertion is based solely off of her fetching beauty; the question of whether or not she possesses the chops is open-ended. Playing against the most talented actresses Hollywood has to offer, she has yet to be tested.

If her range as an actress is truly limited to that of a soap opera star, there are more than a few roles filmmakers could use her photogenic features for. Richard Linkletter could have used her as a buxom coed in Everybody Wants Some; she could have played pain in the ass sorority chick number 7 in Neighbors 2 or topless drowning victim in the new Baywatch movie. Kelly Rohrbach (who somehow landed the iconic role of CJ Parker) doesn't even have the experience of a soap opera actress; she's a model who landed a role in a movie that's for sure to be a hit. The point is, Hunter Hailey King should already be getting a shit-ton more exposure than she is. While 60k followers on Twitter and 80k followers on Instagram ain't nothing – for a female as fine as she – those numbers should be 10 times that. 

Enough about her career prospects, let's close out by swooning over the many lovely features she possesses; shall we? With a sensual gaze, pouty lips, a body that's simultaneously tight and curvy, plus, a pair of tits worth getting fired for (her soapy co star was given the boot because he couldn't keep his mitts off), this blonde belongs in the upper echelon of young, up-and-coming hotties. I know I'll hear some dissenting opinions once I proclaim her to be more desirable than, dare I say ... Selena Gomez (a seemingly peerless hottie in the eyes of the Internet community), but I have to stay true to myself. I'd take Ms. King any day the week and twice on Sunday. I'm not singling Selena Gomez out. There is a long list of popular babes I would put her above. However, in the interest of averting open war, I'll keep that list hanging on the lobby wall of my mind palace.

                                                          She's Funny, Too


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What say you? Do you find Hunter Hailey King to be the undervalued babe who needs only a small nudge before turning into a global infatuation? Or are we caught up on another busty flash in the pan? Her social media standing adds an air of uncertainty to that question.

Awesome clip here: Bikini

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