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Sexy TwitPics: Georgia Salpa

11.26.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Those of you who think this column just hasn't been "sexy" enough lately, I'd like you to meet Georgia Salpa There are some who have said Georgia is the hot version of Kim Kardashian. Other than her facial features, I think she's too skinny to be mistaken for Kim, although she could most certainly do a better imitation than the one Seth Rogen recently did. I guess my point is, despite the likelihood that Salpa is much more famous due to her resemblance to a pop-culture colostomy bag, she needs her own identity. And that's precisely what I'm trying to make happen by rounding up her hottest social media pics on one page to be ogled by all.

If you aren't fully aware of whom this chick is, that isn't the least bit surprising. Salpa's a Greek-born, Irish model who began poppin up on our site well over a year ago simply for standing around at movie premieres looking incredibly bangable. She's not the only hottie who's displayed such a skill, but considering she's not an "actress", the fact that we even know her by name is a bit surprising. Salpa's been a candidate for a "TwitPics" column for quite some time, but she really broke through her social media-sharing shell a little less than a year ago. Since then, her Instagram page has been exploding with selfies. If that doesn't cut it, she has some pretty hot besties, too.

If you'd like to check out more of Georgia and her team of healthy-appearing supermodel friends, you can go HERE for her Twitter, or HERE for her Instagram. Honestly, her Instagram is where most of the action is at, as is the case for most gals exposing their hotness on the web nowadays. On second thought, scratch that... the action is right here! Please enjoy the most eye-candylicious images from Georgia Salpa's cell-phone collection. Happy scrolling!


Extra Tidbit: I would take Salpa over Kardashian any day.


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