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Sexy TwitPics: Eva Amurri

03.24.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Well, it's time once again to titillate ourselves with some taunting, teasing tweets, this time from the social media history of Eva Amurri. For those who aren't aware, Eva is the daughter of famous actress and classic movie hottie Susan Sarandon. As a young actress, she appeared with her mom in DEAD MAN WALKING and THE BANGER SISTERS. In her adulthood, she went on to land roles in such classics as THAT'S MY BOY, and she can currently be seen on the NBC comedy series "Undateable". While Eva's career may be outshined by her mother's, she also takes after Sarandon in the beauty department. Generally speaking, if you're not familiar with Eva as an actress, you still probably have an idea of what she looks like in a bikini.

Just to be sure, here's an example.

Regardless of what you stance may be of this hottie, whether you "get it" or not, I've been a fan of her Twitter and Instagram accounts for a long time. I'd consider myself a fan, but I've put literally zero effort into looking at her work on "Undateable", which is ironic, because that title alone aught to reach out to me. However, there's just something about paying attention to Eva on social media that feels genuinely rewarding. Maybe it's the simple fact that her mom is f*cking Susan Sarandon. When you grow up as a victim of those circumstances, you're bound to be exploding with personality when you get older (not to mention exploding with cleavage). Of course, the constant bikini-wearing doesn't hurt. Even when Eva was preggers throughout most of last year, she didn't hesitate to post some several bikini pics like this one (feel free to check that out, you weird freak). And while pregnancy looked great on Eva, she snapped back into her old self in no time.

 If you find yourself longing for more Eva, feel free to start cyber-stalking her on Twitter here, or Instagram here.



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