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Sexy TwitPics: Emmy Rossum (Part 2)

11.05.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Any Emmy Rossum lovers in the house? I know you shmoes are out there, or at least some fans of her show "Shameless". You may be more familiar with her work in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES or maybe even the inauspiciously crappy DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION. Well, as it turns out, Rossum is yet another social media junkie whose InstaPics collection couldn't be contained in just one feature. Not to mention it's been about 15 months since we last checked up on her, in Part 1 of Emmy's "TwitPics". Since then, Emmy has sloped slipperily into a downward spiral of this addiction, so be sure to proceed with caution.

I have no shame in admitting this... I actually follow Emmy on Instagram, and I hardly keep up with her career. She's just a hot chick who manages to be thoughtful with her postings from time to time. Emmy's hands are practically crazy-glued to her phone and she's constantly prepared to capture any moment which passes her by. It's nice to see a beautiful celebrity on Instagram who doesn't fill her entire gallery with up-close shots of her face (but don't get me wrong, there is plenty of that). I enjoy Emmy's spontaneity, even if she's simply making suggestive faces in front of a pile of kumquats.

"Kumquats" is my favorite word of the day.

Honestly, while I consider her one of the more interesting Instagramers, Emmy can occasionally come off as pretty self-involved, like an uptight Disney princess trapped in a real-world hottie's body. The pic above of Rossum wrapped in caution tape with the word "HOT SET" written all over it sort of says it all. However, in the Twitterverse, this often works to our advantage. It's not uncommon that Emmy will post a pic of herself in her Saturday night getups just to moniter the reactions from her candid followers.

I'm okay with this.

If you would like to see more of this beautiful creature and her precious, pouty lips, you can check out Rossum's Instagram HERE and/or her Twitter feed HERE. Or you can just cut off the fat and enjoy some of the more heart-stopping moments. Here are 53 of them...


Extra Tidbit: I've always wondered what horny looked like and now I know. Thanks, Emmy!


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