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Sexy TwitPics: Emma Roberts

01.21.2014by: Salacious Crumb

So it looks like "American Horror Story: Coven" will be reaching its dead end soon. Are you all caught up with the season, or have the episodes been piling up on your DVR since November started? In my opinion, it hasn't been quite as an exciting ride as "Asylum" or "Murder House", but it's had some solid concepts and performances, not the dullest of which came rising hottie Emma Roberts.

Recently, Emma became engaged to her "American Horror Story: Coven" co-star Evan Peters, which her aunt Julia Roberts allegedly fears is a big mistake. In case you didn't know, in 1991, Julia and actor Kiefer Sutherland called off their engagement just days before the wedding. That added to her starring role in RUNAWAY BRIDE clearly must give her some kind of intuition when it comes to weddings. Anyway, Emma has been picking up slack in the "hotness" department over the past year or so, taking roles with more sex appeal, popping up in more magazines, and of course, letting herself loose a bit more on Instagram and other various media outlets. 

Now, don't let that last paragraph get your hopes up; this is the niece of Julia Roberts we're talking about, after all. For the most part, Emma's social media pics are modest and more PG-rated than our usual bag of chips, but she also often displays some creativity and originality. Yes, Emma is another one of those "artistic tweeters" who, on her slow days, enjoys posting several images of clouds and rainbows. Sounds annoying, but Emma also keeps her fans updated with her outfits, whereabouts, and her curiously creepy crush on fellow actor James Franco.

If you're a fan of Emma, yet it still hasn't crossed your mind to check out her daily shenanigans, you can visit her Twitter HERE, or even better, her Instagram HERE. You may enjoy the things she finds to be beautiful in life. For now, here are some things I find to be beautiful in life: Emma Roberts's hottest social media pics. Enjoy!



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