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Sexy TwitPics: Emily Sears

04.18.2017by: No Cool Handle

If it didn't take 28 hours of flight time (roughly) to get from the U.S. to Australia and back again, there would most definitely be an influx of people – especially that of the druken frat guy variety – visiting the land down under; more so when spring break or some summer vacation time rolls around. This geographical chasm has been the only thing separating me from any one of Australia's many bikini hotspots – that, and an overall lack of will. Long have I yerned to see a gaggle of lovely Australian creatures in their natural habitat – up close and tangible – because the quality of females being bred in the Commonwealth are second to none. We're seeing this the more and more as  these buxom Aussie's take to social media, insistent upon sharing their aesthetically pleasing anatomy. Case in point, Emily Sears: a blonde bombshell with ridiculously epic proportions and enough followers to constitute a militia. After rummaging through her social media pics, you too may find yourself eager to serve under Emily's flag.

To avoid being presumptuous – and in the interest of getting to know our subject beyond the superficial – here's a snippet of Emily Sears bio, quoted directly from her official webpage. As a social media influencer, she encourages conversation via the content she creates. Emily shares body positive images with millions of followers and supports others to have the confidence to seek out healthy relationships. And it's for that very reason Emily Sears deserves to be featured here in the Movie Hotties section. We relish in discussing stimulating women and the boob-filled content they churn out. Our philosophies are not only in total alignment but perpetuated by the written word. Emily Sears' body always gets a positive response from us, although, I'm not sure what the extent of her influence is – beyond that of influencing fans to indulge their most primal urges, of course.

#Crikey! What better word to describe a person's reaction to the sudden sight of Emily Sears' awesome curves. I'm willing to bet the 120k followers on Twitter and the 4 million(!) on Instagram have something to do with that splendid arse of hers. #TruthBeTold! It really doesn't matter what you're into; whether you swoon in the presence of a plump ass, consider yourself to be something of a breast connoisseur or you just love a set of pouty lips, Emily Sears has got you covered. #ADownGirl! Not only is she in possession of those popular features, Emily is all about pleasing fans with shot after shot of her yummy bits and pieces -- and has no problem overloading your senses with the satisfying whole. #TheIncredibleEdibleEmily! That's right, looking over Emily Sears face, body and adult playthings (all at once, packed into frame) will send a direct shot of stimulus to the salivary glands, and, as with any perfectly crafted delicacy, leave you both satisfied and hungry for more.


Source: TwitterInstagram


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