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Sexy TwitPics: Emily Ratajkowski

10.13.2017by: Droz

I don't know if it's possible to declare a definitive queen of social media spank fodder. There are so many hotties utilizing Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the rest as a daily outlet for their "look at me" displays. It's probably an impossible task to select just one. But if it was up to me to pick one, I think I might go with Emily Ratajkowski. Sure, there may be some with more followers and a hotter selection of pics, but there aren't many who have such good things to show. Pretty much anything she does, from her day job as a model to her frequent vacations in tropical locales, all eventually involves her showing off her perfect T&A somehow.

Emily does the usual stuff with her social media as most other hotties do, namely putting a sexier spin on many of her exploits in life. So, for instance, she might take a moment during a boring photo shoot to post a hand bra selfie she took between shots. Or grab a minute while enjoying her vacation on a yacht in some resort island, to post a pic of her perfect ass in a thong. Emily's revealing postscripts on her life aren't unique in and of themselves. She just does it better than most others around by virtue of having the amazing body she has. Hers is the bod you want to be doing what Emily does online.

Just as good as what she posts is how frequently she posts it. The 40 or so pics you see here below are just a taste, posted in the last few months. A much larger collection of self-made EmRat content awaits those willing to delve further on her various social media accounts. I highly recommend doing so. It's more than worth the time.


Source: Instagram


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