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Sexy TwitPics: Emily Ratajkowski

01.14.2014by: Salacious Crumb

Well, some of you schmoes took kindly to professional bikini exhibitionist Claudia Romani's TwitPics, while others did not. It's not so easy to please everyone all the time... in fact it's downright impossible. Some schmoes visit this column with an expectation to see lot of "sexy" shots from some semi-famous social media junkie. Others favor well-known working actresses, whose TwitPics usually wind up falling more into "cute" or "cool" territory. It's not so often we run into a gal who falls right on the line, but hey, here's Emily Ratajkowski, a babe with a name I've never attempted to pronounce!

I might take a crack at it, though. 

You may know Emily as one of the 3 women to publicly grind against Robin Thicke in 2013 (the only one to get a check for it, though), or from her juicy Carl's Jr. commercial with Sara Jean Underwood. However, you should know by now that she's set to star in David Fincher's upcoming film GONE GIRL, thus making her a legitimate actress, or movie hottie. That's right, here's a woman you can trust to provide you with all the latest behind-the-scenes scoops…

What wonderful scoops, indeed.

Please keep in mind, I go through these hotties entire social media galleries, but I only collect the ones that could be deemed "sexy" (hence the name of the column). Please take that into consideration before you decide one of the ladies featured is a tease, or has no class. Some of them actually post some pretty interesting shite, and are quite handy with a camera, and in fact, Ratajkowski is a prime example of this. If you care to explore more of this girl before she's gone, check her out on Instagram HERE, or Twitter HERE.


Extra Tidbit: Does that make the pain go away?


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