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Sexy TwitPics: Emily Osment

10.23.2012by: Salacious Crumb

Anyone out there who saw THE SIXTH SENSE in theaters knows how impactive it is to witness it spoiler-free. Unfortunately, its big "twist" ending is now the "Luke, I am your father" of its generation, and it'd be hopeful to show the film to anyone and expect them to be surprised. Still, if you haven't seen it, get on it. It's practically the only reason people still know the name "Haley Joel Osment" (besides A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, but come on...). Sure, M. Night Shyamalan has proven he isn't infallible (several times over), but his debut film still holds up as some great spook-filled entertainment. This last month, Haley Joel made a hilarious cameo in the promos for "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", portraying Mac. What else could be said about the guy today? Oh yeah, he has a crazy-adorable sister named Emily.

20-year-old Emily Osment has gained a lot of attention on Twitter by posting her big pouty eyes on a regular basis. Granted, those big pouty eyes may creepily remind you of her ghost whispering older brother. She's a looker nonetheless. While you might think it's tough for Emily to live in the shadows of her child-star sibling, consider that for five years she starred in "Hanna Montana" alongside Miley Cyrus (with whom she's remained friends). She's also acted in many kid-flicks, like SPY KIDS 2 & 3 and the ABC Family movie CYBERBULLY. She's recorded a few pop albums as well (big surprise for someone coming out of planet Disney). So maybe none of these things have granted her an Oscar nomination, but she's keeping work more steady than Haley Joel. Once they start giving awards away for intensely cute TwitPics, though, she may need to consider building a trophy shelf.



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