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Sexy TwitPics: Elsie Hewitt

08.22.2017by: No Cool Handle

Once upon a time Playboy magazine was the go to periodical if you wanted to see the world's finest women take it all off and airbrushed to perfection. It wasn't considered comparable to porn; even the most demure of hotties would take their clothes off at Playboy's request because of the prestige that went with being Playboy Playmate of the Month. Playboy was predictable when routinely seeking out the next atomic blonde with fake tits (Pamela Anderson, Kendra Wilkinson, Jenny McCarthy, etc.), and was at it's best when they chose hotties who fit the proverbial girl-next-door mold. The kind of girl you would have never imagined as a pinup babe until one day – and without warning – the little cutie went from dressing like she was going on an afternoon picnic to dressing like Ariel Winter going on an afternoon picnic. Look to Elsie Hewitt (Ms. June 2017) as a perfect example of what Playboy still has to offer when they get it right.

Elsie Hewitt embodies the kind of fantasy girl who, no matter if it's true or not, comes off as, somewhat, attainable; a "grounded" hottie. There's no need for surgical enhancements, bleached highlights or gimmicky bullshit to amplify her sexuality. The excitement hits you in that moment when Elise denounces subtlety in all of it's forms to reveal a dynamo sexpot residing just beneath the unassuming exterior. An intrusive expedition through her social media catalog may be filled to the brim with incredible images, but Elsie Hewitt's best work still stems from her Playmate of the Month spread – for obvious reasons. Her naked body will leave anyone who appreciates a desirable figure shaking their head in disbelief  – and it's for that very reason you can expect her Internet presence to aggressively expand.

#DesperateMeasures! At 5 foot 10, measuring in at 32," 24," 36," Elsie Hewitt's body is a conduit for inspiration or desperation or little bit of both. (Perfection has a way of being inspirational while, at the same, leaving you desperately seeking more.) #AcrossthePond! Born in London, this particularly busty Brit isn't heading down the usual English Channel – the one that leads to her becoming a Page 3 glamour model – opting instead to become an actress, although, there's a thin line between Page 3 and Playboy. She could have posed nude for both without compromising her loftier aspirations. #AndThoseNumbers? 2.7K followers on Twitter and 389K Instagram is far from a bad start. #SafeAssumption! At 20 years old, with but a few high profile pictorials under her belt, it's safe to assume the only reason for those average numbers is: word on this little gem has yet to spread – with a strong emphasis on "yet." She's one big splash away from broader notoriety, and we'll be here waiting with a towel in hand.


Source: TwitterInstagram


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