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Sexy TwitPics: Elizabeth Hurley

04.20.2018by: Droz

I see there being a few distinct eras to Elizabeth Hurley's time on the scene. The first one, that I recall anyway, was her initial introduction to me via the 90s cheesefest and Wesley Snipes vehicle, PASSENGER 57. You might remember her as the flight attendant turned hot terrorist in that movie. She was one of the few times I found myself rooting for the airborne terrorist in a movie, but what can I say - she was hot as hell.

Elizabeth Hurley in Passenger 57

Of course, most of us who came up in the 90s know Liz better as the one time love interest in the also cheesy 90s Mike Myers vehicle, AUSTIN POWERS. She was far easier way to appreciate in that movie, thanks to those still impressively choreographed "nude" scenes. Elizabeth in that movie, along with anything involving Dr. Evil, are about the only reason I can think of to watch those movies anymore.

The hype of various scandals and blockbuster movies helped vault Elizabeth to a pretty impressive career for awhile in the late 90s and early 2000s. And then things began to cool off there. She still worked fairly regularly after that, but not with a great deal of international acclaim - not until social media came along. Nowadays, the 3rd stage of Elizabeth's fame comes to us via her regular posts on Instagram and others. Seems she's achieved the near impossible by staying remarkably trim well into her 50s.

Elizabeth Hurley Instagram 2018

Dare I say Elizabeth is just as well put together in 2018 as she was in 1998? Damn near. I'm sure there's some funny business going on with the editing here and there, but one thing to note about all the many, many pics Liz posts of herself on a seemingly constant vacation, is how easy it is to mistake her build now for the one she had years ago. I can't say how much money went into those efforts, or if it's all just the most amazing genetic structure ever documented. It's just amazing how a quarter century has passed and I'm still just as impressed with Elizabeth as a hottie now as I ever was before. That's a special thing.


Source: Instagram


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