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Sexy TwitPics: Elizabeth Gillies

09.19.2017by: No Cool Handle

We rarely acknowledge the seemingly inconsequential people who have a direct affect on our lives; those who have contributed something, invented something or profoundly changed the reality we perceive. The creator of a teen sitcom for The Disney Channel named Dan Schneider is one such person – and for those among us who are encouraged by what we're seeing from the current body of beautiful, ambitious women, without this esoteric television producer, this generation of famous hotties would be sadly lacking; we might never have familiarized ourselves with some truly iconic prospects. The sitcom Victorious was populated with the likes of Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, and the subject of our current focus, Elizabeth Gillies. Although her name may not be the most recognizable of the three, you'd never know it by Elizabeth Gillies' exceedingly sexy social media presence.

Since the age of 15 Elizabeth has enjoyed a fairly steady career. This worker bee landed roles in theater, television and movies (mostly television), making her frequent forays into public provocation all the better. We're not talking about a hottie who needs to tantalize – lest her career suffer stagnation – but a hottie who wants to tantalize; to continually remind everyone of her substantial sex appeal.

It's the difference between the kind of girl who makes your thumbs sore from begging for a topless selfie and a girl who sends you the full frontal shot she willingly took in the bathroom mirror (almost every time she gets out of the shower). Elizabeth Gillies can't help but project the image of an outgoing, seductive, modern and enlightened hottie who pocesses the power to bridge the gap between your fantasies and reality.

#RatedPG-13 She may save the hard-core shit for a chosen few, but make no mistake about it, Elizabeth Gillies keeps her social media accounts flush with plenty of satisfying content. #YouSeeTheConnection? One might say she's been successful at accumulating a shit-ton of followers because of a compulsive posting habit. Many of those same uploads feature Elizabeth showcasing her impressive chest and drawing her loyal fan's attention to those hypnotically pouty lips. #Tally-Ho with 3 million followers on Twitter and a total tally teetering towards 5 million followers on Instagram, the aspirational Gillies and her documented daily activities are obviously desirable commodities. Expect her career, popularity and sexy portfolio to simultaneously progress... quickly. As will your addiction to her seductive gaze and indomitable beauty.


Source: TwitterInstagram


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