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Sexy TwitPics: Eiza Gonzalez

02.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

1.3 million followers on Twitter; 2.2 million followers on Instagram. Those are some pretty impressive stats considering the 26-year-old actress is not exactly a household name. One thing it's definitely not... is surprising. When the original FROM DUSK TILL DAWN came out in 1996, there was more discussion about Salma Hayek's now legendary snake dancing scene than any other element of the film. Usually when an actress plays a stripper that doesn't really strip (bikini only), it can't help but feel like an unfulfilled expectation. However, Ms. Hayek's scene turned out so hot, no one had any cause for complaint. What I'm trying to say is: Salma Hayek left some big cups to fill. So when it came time to cast Santanico Pandemonium in Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, I can't imagine such a task feeling like anything other than impossible. The first thing I thought: Salma's successor, no matter who it was, could never recapture the magic of watching a snake slithering across her perfect body. I was wrong.

Eiza Gonzalez may not possess the one-of-a-kind curves of her predecessor – who does(?) – but that shouldn't suggest she doesn't possess the kind of body that will have horn balls everywhere replaying her rendition of the vampire/snake charmer on YouTube. Quite the contrary; it's likely they'll have that shit on loop. And thanks to the proliferation of social media, we can all get periodic updates on this sexy Latina's hotness. As you will see from the robust collection of selfie's, she loves to take pictures of... well herself, and she's not a shy gal. Nor should she be – she could be wearing a sandwich board with a giant nude photo of Danny Trejo and that wouldn't diminish this woman's sexuality; doing anything other than sharing it with the world would be futile.

It's ironic how pictures of her involuntary cause me to channel my inner Richie Gecko. I imagine her turning around and saying inappropriate (or totally appropriate things; depends on how you look at it) like: Will you do me a favor and eat my p*$$y for me? Please! If anything, her existence shines a light on Donald Trump's flawed plan to completely wall off one of our nearest neighboring countries, Mexico. Too much good stuff like awesome fireworks, smoking hot weather girls, delicious cuisine and iconic hotties like Salma Hayek, and now, Eiza Gonzalez, come from there. I'd prefer not to make it more difficult for such in demand commodities to find their way North of the border. The water may give you the shits, but Eiza Gonzalez will give you a glimpse of perfection.

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