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Sexy TwitPics: Dove Cameron

12.08.2017by: Droz

I follow different hotties on social media for different reasons. There are also a few I don't follow at all, either because they wisely eschew social media entirely, or they just do a piss poor job of posting things of any interest. As for why I follow Dove Cameron, the main draw for me are the selfies. This might seem like an odd reason if you've never taken a good look at Dove's mug. Those of you who have seen her will understand why regular doses of this face is a plenty good enough reason to follow her.

Dove Cameron Sexy TwitPics

Not only is Dove beautiful, but also a real big fan of snapping off pics of herself at every given opportunity. The result of her selfie addiction is to make a consistently gorgeous presentation out of her social media pages, so much so that they offer more big, green eyes and fuller than full lips than you could ever want. It might be that last feature of Dove's I find the most intoxicating. I'll not get too graphic about the thoughts these plush lips put in my head, but you probably know what they are without me telling you. Hell, I think even Dove knows what urges her kisser brings to most guys' minds.

Dove Cameron Sexy TwitPics

I don't want to make it sound like it's all above the neck with Dove. It's quite the contrary, actually. I would deem her overall body virtues to be of the finest quality. There's simply nothing happening on Dove that's not as good or better than any other hottie around right now. You catch a glimpse of these excellent qualities occasionally with her social media, although not as much as others. I get the feeling she's capable of more where hotness goes. Could be her Disney paymasters insist on a more toned down public profile. If so, then Dove really needs to get out from under the Mouse's thumb soon. Such an all around impressive woman should not be held back where hotness goes.

Dove Cameron Sexy TwitPics


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