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Sexy TwitPics: Demi Rose Mawby

12.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

In the last six months of 2016, it feels as though we're being continually reminded of the many commonalities we share with Merry England. A large sect of our citizens standing firmly against Muslim immigration; the rising of the alt-right; electing officials to Parliament who subscribe to current populist ideas like isolationism – in Britain's case, Brexit – anti-establishment governing bodies and anti-globalization. Whether or not you're in agreement with this list of ideals is not germane to the firmest of common ground our two countries share. I'm talking about our shared love of social media babes with big asses. Demi Rose Mawby (Demi Rose for short) is Britain's response to the Kardashians/Jenners; the parallels being infinite. Both Demi and most any female member of the two family dynasties have used social media to propel them to fame, the quality of their ass substantiated by the dubbing of a famous rapper's schvonce, and, their desire for constant attention – the list goes on and on.

This is one of those cases where a hottie like Demi somewhat benefits from being a lesser-known. Sure, there are always trolls roaming about the Internet – usually they are the ones who make their dissenting opinions well-known – but it's not until Demi's notoriety truly spikes (which is likely to happen anytime soon) the haters will start coming out of the woodwork. She has the advantage of being fresh and new, without all of the public relations baggage that comes with being a household name. The curvaceous Brit would benefit from making conscious effors to distance herself from the Jenners – stealing Kylie Jenner's rapper boyfriend (Tyga) isn't a good start. The negative comparisons to high profile social media babes is already there, no need to shed an even brighter light on them by making headlines with the name Kylie Jenner right beside hers. This girl is hot enough to plant her own flag; beholden to no one but the legion of followers at her back.

#RightOutOfTheGate! Demi Rose took to social media like a duck to water, her body rounded out and built for selfies. It made going from sign up to over 4 million followers a relatively painless climb; everything was proportioned for success and Demi knows exactly how to use those considerable assets to her advantage. #ExactFigures! With 393K followers on Twitter and 3.5 million followers on Instagram – numbers that would be respectable for hotties who've been tallying numbers far longer than this neophyte – Demi Rose's social media footprint is like a high performance car yet to hit top speed. She's been able to impress everybody with a fast dash off of the line, but wait until she really opens up. #WhenThisBabyHits88MillionFollowers! 88 million followers is a number usually reserved for upper echelon hotties but Demi has already proven she has what it takes to catch up. So get clicking. Your about to see some serious shit.

Source: TwitterInstagram


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