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Sexy TwitPics: Demi Lovato

05.02.2017by: No Cool Handle

For a hottie with an impressively long resume – someone who is not only one of the biggest, sexiest pop singers churning out hits, but who has also made strides towards becoming a respectable actress – adding social media sensation to her list of accomplishments is (for lack of a better term) a no-brainer. On stage, under the hot lights, is not the only place Demi Lovato openly explores her sexuality – and at the same time, observes the jubilant ways in which her fans respond – this luscious performing artist often posts pictures of her best bits and pieces to a number of social media platforms. She can do more than hit high notes with her set of gilded pipes; Demi Lovato can seduce, tantalize and inspire hypersexual fantasies with nothing but a suggestive glance into the cell phones built-in camera. After one peep at this collection of self-promoting sexiness and you'll be imagining the honey in her voice trickling down onto her entrancing figure.

I don't know much about Demi Lovato's history; not as much as I know about her biology. I'm not one of the 200 million fans turning up to check out Demi's latest music video on YouTube. No, I'm a fan of those thong shots that follow almost every one of her on stage performances, and the half naked promotional spreads. The 24-year-old has certainly come a long way from the child-friendly entertainment of Barney and Friends to the all singing, all dancing sexpot personified the moment she picks up a mic. You have to appreciate the irony: the Disney Channel has inadvertently had it's white-gloved hand in creating more iconic sex symbols than Playboy and Penthouse combined – and the list of once wholesome young ladies turning into sexually enlightened women is ever-growing. Demi Lovato represents all that's right with Disney's indoctrination of aspiring superstars. The process not only leads to success for a talent like Demi, but provides us lovers of beautiful females with a never ending supply of perfectly conditioned hotties.

#We'veOnlyJustBegun! Numbers like 57 million followers on Instagram and 42 million followers on Twitter might make you think Demi Lovato has reached the pinnacle of fame – I seriously doubt it. In fact, I believe the 24-year-old popstar has only just begun, and there's nowhere to go but up. #A-SuddenInflux! It's still relatively early in 2017 yet we've already seen Demi Lovato post more selfies taken while wearing swimsuits than per usual, even posting photos in a revealing one piece while simultaneously promoting detox tea (something that's been deemed controversial). #SpareMetheDetails! I refuse to validate a nothing-burger like the use of detox tea; suffice it to say, people are pissed she would promote a product that may or may not irritate the colon and cause eating disorders. Did they not see the beautiful pair of boobs also taking up space in the frame? I Had no f**king idea some detox tea was anywhere to be found, I was too busy concentrating on what really matters. #DoTheSame! Be sure to avoid getting caught up in the bullsh*t politics of social media, make sure to focus on all the wondrous things Demi Lovato has to offer her legion of devotees.



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