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Sexy TwitPics: Danielle Campbell

09.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

I confess, I didn't mind the last season of The Originals. Yeah, I know, but before you go and judge: for all the cheese, hokum and tweeny/soap opera BS, there's nothing in season 3 that isn't any more intolerable than what we see in most CW shows, the last season of Arrow included. In fact, the level of gory violence they get away with is admirable. We're talking decapitations, severed limbs, burnings, stabbings, bullet holes, bear traps and bloody torture. Add to that a somewhat decent brotherly dynamic between the two leads, and you have moments worth suffering long stretches of shitty dialogue, miscasting (casting immpossibly hot people in unlikely roles is a stapple of CW television ), tons of exposition, supernatural jargon and on the nose pop music that's meant to simultaneously heighten your emotional response and lyrically narrate the situation. If you're asking yourself: Why would I possibly suffer through all of that? Because of the ridiculously hot Danielle Campbell, that's why.

Yes, she's hot enough to endure the good with the bad. Portrayed as one of the world's most powerful witches – even though that much power has little effect on the outcome of life or death situations. Kind of like Vision in THE AVENGERS – this beautiful brunette isn't your typical wart-covered hag. She's fine, flawless, highly desirable; attributes that hardly defined the witches of old. But in worlds created for the CW: if you're not fine, you're f**ked. You can't even get a role as a decaying member of the undead on iZombie. Now, if there's no way you'll ever give The Originals it's day in court but want to get a good sense of Danielle's chops, there's always her short appearence on Prison Break. The truth is, there's no definitive way to gage Ms. Campbell's ability... yet. The Originals is the kind of show where you have to grade the actors on a curve. This makes focusing on Danielle's social media standing all the more necessary.

510k followers on Twitter; 2 million followers on Instagram – Numbers any practitioner of the dark arts would misuse their powers to obtain. Fortunately for her, no spell was needed to amass that seven-figure number. In reality a hottie like Danielle doesn't need to rely on some form of voodoo, hoodoo or any other kind of weird shit. Her gorgeous face and a breathtaking body will drive Internet spectators to any one of her social media accounts. I could stand to see more of Danielle out in public sans Louis Tomlinson - they're always together... always. Of course no one's perfect, even though in Danielle's case it's hard to disprove. She's one of the finest fresh faces out there.

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