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Sexy TwitPics: Courtney Tailor

02.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

From a very young age, Courtney took pride in her ability to entertain friends and family. At age 13, she discovered film acting and immediately fell in love. Since then, she has continued to practice her craft, studying with many renowned acting coaches over the years. - Courtney Tailor official site

Seven years later, all of that perseverance paid off; she finally caught her bring break as, Buxom Coed, in Richard Linklater's upcoming 'Dazed and Confused' companion piece, 'Everybody Wants Some' (Talk about type cast). Ok, so Courtney Tailor hasn't exactly taken Hollywood by storm, but she's still young. Linklater likes her enough to cast her in a second thankless role - the first being a [uncredited] student in 'Boyhood'. At least she's got one foot - or two tits - in the door.

I can't begin to describe my infatuation with her type of body. That kind of bulging backside enables me to overlook the obviously fake boobs. Perhaps not so obvious; it appears she was well endowed even when she was legally coming-of-age, which means, either her parents gave their blessing for superficial, cosmetic enhancement, or those babies are the real deal. It's kind of hard to believe being that this combination of booty and boobs are rarely seen, especially on a blonde, white chick. One reason her body type is so rare: being so thick makes her one stack of pancakes away from being straight up rotund. She could bloat up to 250 pounds and I'd still volunteer to be her doormat. It's no wonder this bodacious babe's constantly photographing herself working out; I imagine that being a difficult balancing act. She maintains the kind of ass girls pay to have implanted; a kudos and a thank you very much are warranted for her steadfast up keeping and willingness to share the impressive results.

Twitter loves her, Instagram loves her, Richard Linklater loves her, playboy loves her and most importantly, the camera loves her. I imagine it's because the massive curvature of her ass is akin to the curvature of the lens. This is the kind of body image that needs to be more prevalent. I have a feeling that her almost 1 million followers would say the same. Whether or not she ever lands that breakout role is anybody's guess. However, there has to be a few upcoming low-budget horror movies on the horizon. She could flex those acting glutes for her topless role in Zombeavers 6: Buck Teeth and Brains. I'd camp out for a ticket to that shit.

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