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Sexy TwitPics: Cosplay Edition 2015

07.14.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Don't hang up that dorky lanyard just yet! Like Christmas at the North Pole, the event of Comic Con is celebrated all year round on JoBlo, as well as here at MovieHotties. In fact, it's especially celebrated here at MovieHotties, as there's no bad time of year to appreciate gals in teeny-fied costumes of their favorite movie, television or anime characters, is there? That's precisey what some of you lucky fanboys got when storming the gates of SDCC last weekend.

Any regular Con attendees already know that there's nothing more embarrassing than showing up dressed as Alfred Packer, only to find yet another Alfred Packer chewing on your elbow. This is why, for many, it's important to be original. On the other hand, it's always nice to see more than one Leeloo show up to the party, especially if the costumes are filled out by the likes of Maitland Ward and Sara Jean Underwood.

Of course, there's a whole world of fans who spend almost every waking hour developing their costumes from scratch. These hotties tend to keep their ideas more original, and while keeping it exquisitely sexy, manage to come up with some really cool shit. Two of my personal favorite nerdettes who always leave me impressed are Jessica Nigri and Marie Claude Bourbonnais.

What a couple of foxy ladies. I would give my right arm...

In case you missed it, there's already our Ultimate Cosplay Hotties Mash-Up screaming for your undivided attention, so check that out. This following gallery is mainly directed to the "heavy hitters" of the cosplay universe, including Meg Turney (follow her here), Jessica Nigri (follow her here), Sara Jean Underwood (follow her here), Adrianne Curry (follow her here), Maitland Ward (follow her here), Marie Claude Bourbonnais (follow her here), Yaya Han (follow her here), Monika Lee (follow her here), Vegas PG (follow her here) and Callie Cosplay (follow her here, if that is her real name). Don't let that nerd flame die out just yet, and as always, happy scrolling!

Extra Tidbit: Any unique, cool or sexy costumes you saw at the Con this year?
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