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Sexy TwitPics: Claudia Romani Part II

10.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

There are those hotties more in tune with the symbiotic relationship between the attention seeker and their advocates – Sara Jean Underwood among them. And then there's Claudia Romani, a true representative of fame-favoring culture. This Italian import hardly leaves her place of residence without fully intending to provoke, and subsequently, to be photographed doing so. She shows an aptitude for the kind of attention seeking behavior that allows the babe watching industry to flourish. Her tendency to flood the fan base with endless ass shots and tit pics is encouraged, while at the same time, it sheds a light on our own need for never-ending, mass consumption of beauty so wonderfully personified. If you think about it, each individual follower has had a motivating influence on Claudia's proclivity; we cultivate that need for attention with our need to see, and social media is the fertile ground in which this cultivation takes place.

No need to regard these very natural inclinations in any sort of negative way; the ground is far from sour. You could argue the aspiration for fame is as natural as the desire for a beautiful woman like Claudia. I for one need no outside influence to spark my yearning for Ms. Romani and her treasure trove of social media pics. If this collection – containing over 60 photos – isn't enough to stave off a Claudia Romani relapse you need not worry, her Twitter account alone houses over 1,500 photos and videos. Added to which, this social media junkie doesn't practice in subtlety, making sure every selfie taken contains all of her parts we've come to know and love; even making individual parts the sole subject. Extreme close-ups of her familiar booty and big, beautiful cleavage make these images as much an anatomical study as they are a perfect example of self exploitation. The in-your-face minutia of those cracks and crevices create a very intimate, and very exciting, photo-gawking experience, hence, the Internet popularity.

Her love of prancing around Miami in thongs and breast-accentuating tops is matched only by her love of soccer. She's a qualified official for Serie A and Serie B (Both "Divisions of a professional league competition for football clubs located at the top of the Italian football league system."), but spends more time bending over on beaches than she does calling shots on the pitch – I heard she's recently been banned from doing so. If that's true, the only time she'll be pulling a yellow card is when it comes to nudity infractions. For all the racy imagery she's provided I've yet to find an example of full on exposer. With 93K followers on Twitter and 205K followers on Instagram, perhaps that's the missing component to getting her over the 500K mark. Although, at the age of 34, it's likely we'll never see Claudia Romani lift her self-imposed nudity embargo; if we do, every audible sound will be drowned out by millions of Italians and social media followers shouting "GOOOAAALLL!"

Source: InstagramTwitter


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