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Sexy TwitPics: Chloe Moretz

08.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

Social media isn't just for staying up-to-date with your favorite celebrity babe's most recent bikini outing. It's also the place for budding celebrity feuds like the one between Chloe Moretz and Kim Kardashian. This may have started a couple months ago, and somehow lasted more than one confrontational Tweet, but when it comes to mindnumbing encounters such as this, I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant. However, this is a section that focuses on social media and all the shitty baggage that comes with it – so I'll briefly touch upon it. Chloe says something about a nude photo Kim posted; Kim said something back; Chloe says something to Kim's response; Khloe – Kim's sister – posted a fake picture of Chloe's... um... rear exit. Feel dumber yet? I won't go any deeper into this, only to use Kim's comment as a segue into Chloe's impressive list of accomplishments.

If I thought anyone gave a shit about the circumstances surrounding this spat I might pick a side. There's just that one comment from Kim I feel you – the dear readers – may love to hate. Kim Kardashian West: let's all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to Twitter, since no one knows who she is. Yeah, no one except Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, Matt Reeves, Matthew Vaughn, Mark Webb, and Antoine Fuqua. All of whom casted Chloe in prominent roles before she was 18 years old. Even someone with a passing interest in movies knows how hard it is to begin a career as a child and have it last as long as Chloe has managed. With the exception of The 5th Wave, she's shown an aptitude for picking decent projects. And I think working with Scorsese is preferable to reality TV, but hey, that's just me.

All the high school malarkey aside, the greatest chapter in Chloe Moretz's impressive life is being written as we speak (The sexy chapter); as you can see from a few of her lovely social media pics, depicting Chloe's mature physique. It's gonna be fun to watch the personality development, as well. She's tough to peg. Never striking me as brazen or overly conservative. I guess, for now, we're gonna have to add her name to the 'calculated' column. She makes public apperences in shorts cut just below the ass and tops that aren't exactly see-through, but sheer enough to notice the absence of a bra. At the young age of 19, it's hard to imagine Chloe herself knowing how outgoing she'll become... I'm optimistic. 2.7m followers on Twitter, 10.5m followers on Instagram–numbers you can expect to grow simultaneously with Chloe's rising hottie status and promising career. No, they're not Kardashian numbers. But who gives a f**k?


Source: TwitterInstagram


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