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Sexy TwitPics: Candice Swanepoel

12.11.2012by: Salacious Crumb

If you were wise enough to tune in to the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week, you probably know just what makes Candice Swanepoel the "bee's knees" as they say. Over the past five years, she's supplied us with hundreds of jaw-dropping photoshoots, displaying her body in thousands of different colorful tops and bottoms, and she's skyrocketed to becoming possibly the most successful Victoria's Secret model of all time. As some fashion designers have claimed, Candice is a rare girl who looks good in absolutely everything. Especially nothing. Candice has pretty much kept her career in modeling steady since she was 16-years-old, in her home country of South Africa. Suffice to say, she's been more than friendly with the cameras all her adult life, making her a perfect target for some Twitter gallery digging. And, as I expected, she doesn't disappoint...

At age 17, two years after she was scouted in South Africa, Candice moved to New York and became an immediate magnet for people with cameras. As a kid, she says she was very interested in fashion and traveling the world, so that must've been a dream come true. Her life has been quite a roller-coaster ride thus far, and it just keeps getting faster as it goes, which is why she's rather fun to keep up with on Twitter. You can follow Candice as she hops from continent to continent, resting the planet assured that angels can indeed fall from the sky and walk the earth. Sure, you'll see a lot of her lucky dog, Luna, but she'll also send tweets of herself in bikinis, lingerie and other random sexy outfits. She also hangs out with her Victoria's Secret crew quite often, and peddles around town on the world's happiest bike seat (I wonder how much that thing is going for on eBay?). Take a gander yourself. The following are 69 TwitPics from the legendary Candice Swanepoel...



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