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Sexy TwitPics: Brooke Burke

04.02.2013by: Salacious Crumb

For many of our readers in college, this week is the celebratory period filled with boozing and bad decisions they call "spring break". I was flat broke in college, so I never had the privilege of driving out to Tijuana or Cancun, Mexico to experience what all the fuss was about. I would just huff some paint and lock myself in a closet, and before I knew it, the week had just flown by. Strangely enough, I got my best insight as to what the tradition was all about in my early teens. This is mostly thanks to some MTV specials and a little show on the E! channel called "Wild On…". I still have fond memories of coming home from school, flipping it on, and thus began the corruption of my youth (for which I will be forever grateful). If there's one person who got to experience spring break more times and in more places than anyone on television, it's the hottie who hosted the show, Brooke Burke.

I don't need to go into TMI territory when describing my intimate relations with a TV set when "Wild On..." was on the air, because I already have. The program only aired for a total of 4 years, anyway, from 1999-2002. Nevertheless, Brooke had an impact on the way I viewed the partying lifestyle for the rest of my life. Over the years, Brooke stayed relevant in the hearts and pants of her loyal fans, mostly by reminding them of her talents by appearing in Maxim, Playboy, FHM and Stuff magazine. These days, along with serving as a co-host on "Dancing with the Stars", Brooke still manages to take us down memory lane every once in a while with a surprise photo compilation of her yoga stretches. It's simple shit like this that's kept my attention over the past decade. On top of that, she and I also seem to have many similar interests...

In November, 2012, Brooke announced that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and under went surgery. Luckily, she announced a month later that all the cancer had been removed. I think a congratulations is in order to this hottie! Brooke managed to make a very smooth and subtle transition from a turn-of-the-century party girl to a certified MILF and well-known network TV personality. Being the world-traveler she is, it makes perfect sense for Brooke to join the Twitterverse, and share her adventures with those who are willing to follow her, which can be done by clicking HERE. But honestly, you're more likely to see a massive amount of up-close shots of her face and a daily update of her sexy outfits. Sounds good to me! Her gallery might not contain the ammount of cleavage or bikinis you'd expect, but she's more than well deserving of her own "Sexy TwitPics" column. Happy scrolling!


Extra Tidbit: That last pic was taken by a close friend who later tweeted it to Brooke. What are friends for?



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7:59AM on 04/02/2013
Insane how pretty she is.
Insane how pretty she is.
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