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Sexy TwitPics: Brenda Song

06.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's tough to argue with anybody who point out one of the many pitfalls of social media. One solid – and at the same time, contradictory – argument to be made is how the Internet is a place where people can openly be an asshole thanks to the bit of anonymity offered under the guise of people's Internet personas. Making it a place were the embittered focus on the negative rather than the positive, what they hate instead of what they love, and more often than not, people will talk about how they hate social media while actively engaging in it (much like movie fans who rant about films they hate, but have obviously seen them enough times to speak about them in detail). So rather than follow the examples set by the snide, let's focus on what's great about platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Namely, how they allow us to keep abreast with incredibly beautiful women such as Brenda Song.

Think about it, without such an effective means of content sharing, the already infrequent amount of Brenda Song media would become even more of a rarity; she's one of those hotties whose career has suffered from an extended case of stunted growth. The actual clinical condition of stunted growth is usually brought upon by malnutrition during childhood which, again, aligns with her career trajectory – a career built upon children's programming that can figuratively be described as empty calories. She's yet to transcend her humble origins into a prestigious acting career. The closest she's come was with her psycho hose beast role in David Fincher's THE SOCIAL NETWORK, leaving a void that could only be filled by Snap Chat, Twitter and Instagram. I don't know about you, but if I go too long without a Brenda Song fix, I myself begin feeling malnourished to the point of "stunted growth."

To say she's yet to achieve superstar status isn't the same as saying she hasn't built a career that provides enough bounty to live a cushy lifestyle. Scandal, The New Girl, and The League are but a few television series she's made an appearance on, but I'm sure she would agree with me when I say: I'd like to see her appear on the big screen a bit more; at least get a shot at a co-starring role to see if she's got what it takes. Past performances suggest she just might. 261K followers on Twitter (we'll use that number to represent her career thus far; respectable, but nowhere near where it could be), 1.2m followers on Instagram (a number that better reflects her appeal and a representation of the kind of actress who will hopefully one day belong in a higher tax bracket).

Here's all the hotness one can withstand. A behind-the-scenes shoot with Brenda Song, Kat Graham and Alyson Michalka, modeling. Another one of Brenda's underutilized talents:

Her ability to draw enthusiastic fans to a blockbuster release underestimated thus far, will be nothing more than a distant memory once some studio head looks at her Twitter pictures the way many of us do and realizes what many of us figured out long ago: this young woman is easy to leer at for an extended period of time. Until that day, she'll have to make peace with being the social media fantasy girl of many lustful loyalists. Such an achievement carries with it a different, but equally respectable, prestige.


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