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Sexy TwitPics: Beyoncé Knowles

01.28.2014by: Salacious Crumb

On Sunday, we saw what Trent Reznor described as the "biggest night for music… to be disrespected", also known as the 56th annual Grammy Awards. While we didn't get as much red carpet cleavage as usual, we did get a pretty wet and wild performance from Beyoncé Knowles at the start of the show. I'll admit, I was distracted by her bootylicious silhouette long enough to refrain from hitting the fast-forward button of a few minutes. Apparently, she's received some backlash from the parents of her fans, who found the performance too risqué. I guess they didn't catch last year's Superbowl performance.

"Naughty Bee" has been tweeting, Tumblr-ing, and Instagramming for years now, but only lately has she incorporated much "sexiness" into her daily Kodak moments. Honestly, she rarely seems to take the photos herself, and they often look re-edited or cropped in order to be used on Instagram. Still, she currently has 13,176,632 followers on Twitter alone, so I guess it makes sense for her to hire a social media camera crew. Of course, how else would she get shots like this?

I feel sort of bad for the less-fortunate members of the turn-of-the-century pop group Destiny's Child, though to be fair, they probably should've pluralized the group name for safety. At one point Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams seemed to have a bright future with the trio of "independent women". That was until their third member Beyoncé starred in an AUSTIN POWERS movie, released a coinciding hit single about her booty, and next thing you know she's a national treasure, speeding off in her limousine as she splashes Kelly and Michelle with gutter water. Now she's reenacting scenes from FLASHDANCE in front of Paul McCartney right before her husband Jay-Z gropes her in front of millions of people. Beyonce just can't lose.

Someone's jealous of all those ski ball tickets.

All that said, I can't think of a good reason to find Beyoncé annoying, aside from contributing to the pool of egotistical, headache-enducing pop music which has created a generation of bigheaded yet uninspired lemmings. Other than that, she's most definitely a hottie, which almost immediately distracts me from any of her faults. That's right, I'm just as spiritually blind as you, kids! Plus, Beyoncé's clearly a hard worker, and has a terrific post-pregnancy body, as Jamie Foxx made very clear in an awkward rant on Sunday.

If you'd know more about Knowles and her daily escapades, you can begin by stalking her on Twitter here, or on Instagram here.



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