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Sexy TwitPics: Best of March 2015

03.31.2015by: Salacious Crumb

March has been a month of roller-coastering emotions for fans of hot tweets from celebrities. Recently, longtime favorite Salma Hayek finally decided to enter the land of social media. While her Instagram gallery is still in the beginning stages, we can only hope her photos will eventually be featured around these parts. Aside from that, we received plenty of TwitPic action, although mainly from hotties who are only slightly involved with the film industry, if at all. Some may consider that a bummer, but I took it as an opportunity to seek out models who have been using the power of the Twitterverse to claim fame, usually by posting lots of bikini pics. If there's one thing I've learned doing this monthly round-up, it's that hotties love wearing bikinis all year round, no matter what the weather. Here's Emily Ratajkowski proving my point with this breathtaking example...

In other exciting news, Hilary Duff has finally come out of her shell, after months of hiding, to give us a gander of her black lingerie. Looks like Lizzy McGuire has left her childhood innocence behind. She's filled out rather nicely, though. She's certainly no DUFF.

Another hottie who seems to be tiptoeing her way back into out vulnerable hearts is THE WALKING DEAD's Lauren Cohan. All month long, Lauren's social media accounts were untouched, until just a few days ago when she posted this preview from an upcoming photoshoot. And just like that, all is forgiven!

In other news, Kelly Brook and her trusty bustie bestie took it upon themselves to distract an entire gym full of dudes from their workout routines. Or perhaps they finished their cardio portion when they got home?

Of course, we have to give an update on the wildly unpredictable Instagram antics of Miley Cyrus. Where to begin? Where to end? Miley seems to have taken a liking to the idea of sharing up-close shots of her butt. The only kicker is: it stares right back at you.

Speaking of gratuitous ass shots, you have 5 seconds to guess which celebrity sibling this one belongs to...

Give up? It's Stella Hudgens. Looks like Vanessa may have to step up her game if she doesn't want to be overshadowed by her younger sister's behind. Best get on with those selfies!

The rest of the gals featured in this gallery (in order) include Daniella Monet, Arianny Celeste, Bar RefaeliJessica Lowndes, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Justice, Christa B. Allen, Elizabeth Banks, Sammi Hanratty, Emily Ratajkowski, Dani Thorne, Lindsay LohanNicola Peltz, Stella Hudgens, Darya Klishina, Eva Amurri, Lily Collins, Rita OraMiley Cyrus, Katie Cassidy, Elizabeth Gillies, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Izabel Goulart, Cara Delevigne, AnnaSophia Robb, Amanda Nørgaard, Willa Holland and Amanda Cerny.


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