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Sexy TwitPics: Bella Thorne

03.16.2018by: Droz

What to say about Bella Thorne. She's come a long way in a relatively short time on the celebrity hottie scene: gone through some rather stark changes. At the start of her celebrity she was endlessly tempting jail bait, coming across as one of those infamous 16-year-olds going on 30 who have ushered many a thoughtless man to a ruinous end. Lately she's evolved (or devolved, depending on how you look at it) into something of a sexy oddball who occasionally cleans up nice when the right gigs call for it. The truth of Bella is probably easier found in the nature of the world right now and our collective obsession with attention. What would a young, hot thing like her do without millions of followers hanging on every Twitter or Snapchat post? Probably whither away into obscurity. That simply wont do for Bella.

In a way, her rejection of formality and conformity to the fashionable community she runs in makes sense. Most of us feel a strong urge to be rebellious when we're her age. It's only natural. Growing up being told you're a certain kind of person all throughout your younger years only encourages many of us to reject those labels when we begin to approach maturity. Bella has been told since she was but a tyke that she was beautiful. Not the worst label to have hung on you, but no doubt a tough one to live up to for some. That said, one could be forgiven for thinking Bella's rejection of conventional beauty standards does cross into the absurd. There's rebellion and then there's straight up lunacy. It remains to be seen which side of that spectrum she falls on.

Even with all the crazy antics in her life, I can't bring myself to fully condemn or reject Bella. She's the product of her times. As are we all. She may be weird, but she's cognizant of her weirdness and content to embrace it. Ultimately we're all just fashion victims of one stripe or another. It also helps that she's perfectly content to toss imagery of her insanely hot body out there for our consumption on a daily basis. Gestures like that go a long way to fostering amity between even the most dissimilar of persons or perspectives.


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