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Sexy Twitpics: Bella Thorne

01.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Bella Thorne is a poster girl for her generation. These days, trivial nuisances like privacy are quick to be disregarded in favor of thirst quenching attention; easily attained for the price of one cell phone and a wi-fi connection. A future social media brinkman (or woman), who won't hesitate to one up the endless competition by pushing the boundaries of good taste in hopes it'll garner coveted titles like: most followers or likes. Whatever it is, I'm glad she's consistently game for putter herself out there, whether it's by way of Twitter, Instagram or Snap Chat. Click this awesome workout video right below.


A video posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

She's young, only 18, so she still attempts to mask her self exploitation under the guise of work out pics and any other excuse to show off her red hot sex appeal. It won't be long before prudish opinions will seem of little value to her - then she'll go into full on tit-baring mode. At first it'll be because it's guaranteed to keep as many eyes on her as possible. Then, because she feels proud of her perfect form (she should; it's beyond impressive), and that should be reason enough to share it with people who are dying for a peek. Of course this is conjecture, I just like to think of her being so generous...

The last reason will be desperate attempts to stay relevant as the next crop of young hotties move up the ranks - that's still a ways off, so let's focus on the present. She's currently one of the most sought after sex symbols; for obvious reason. This pouty-lipped princess is as hot as they come, which is probably the number one reason for her comfort with public attention invading almost every aspect of her life. She's the biggest perpetuator of it; using social media to do the job of any would be stalker for them. It's much less involved than parking outside her house or joining her gym just to watch her doing squats. Bless her.

As far as her career goes; there's not much to talk about. But like I said, she's young and has plenty of time to make her name as legendary as her face, and ass, and boobs; oh and don't forget those legs.

Extra Tidbit: "I love those Red Heads"
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