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Sexy TwitPics: Ava Sambora

04.05.2016by: No Cool Handle

Children are made up of 50% of each of their parents DNA, but that doesn't translate into 50% of their traits. Which parent a child most resembles is basically down to chance, but their overall genetic make-up has an equivalent contribution from each parent. A child is no more likely to resemble their father than their mother.

That statement was referenced from Tracy Brian, an expert in genetics and hereditary science and is being used as a segue into beauty icon, Heather Locklear, and her innate ability to replicate. Notice how I didn't say reproduce; anybody with functioning reproductive organs can do that – no, I'm talking about something different. Despite incalculable variables and so many factors left to chance, she side-stepped an infinite number of mutational land mines to recreate and pass along almost every one of her rare and beautiful characteristics. She named her stunning genetic accomplishment Ava Sambora. What Ava couldn't have possibly been gifted by her parents was the savvy way in which she uses social media; that comes from being raised in the information era.  

Which parent she received the gene of generosity from is anybody's guess – the gene of generosity; that sounds like something you acquire when you level up in a fantasy role playing game, but I digress. This freshly legal progeny's greatest gift is just that: generosity. Sure, you could argue her textbook bikini body, beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes and skin so smooth even a porcelain doll would stare in wide-eyed amazement all trump generosity, but without generosity she wouldn't be so quick to share the details of her anatomy by way of Twitter (38k followers), Instagram (123k followers) and Snap Chat. The amount of bikini clad photos she floods the Internet with can only be described as heaping, and she's just getting started.

In the interest of being thorough, we have to at least discuss the possibility of there being one slight defect. Granted, it's hard for those of us who don't know her personally to dissect anything other than what's presented visually. But based on some of the selfie's taken during her first swimsuit photo shoot, one may call her judgement into question. Why the hell would she introduce herself to the world by sharing a frame with a bottle of 138 Water? – This is how former Playboy playmates spend their twilight. Why not aim a little higher? Not only does she have her mother's good looks, but the name Sambora should be of some use. Surely it's capable of opening bigger doors than ones that have her peddling the Budweiser of bottled water. Rookie mistake, but forgivable.

I only went slightly negative because us fans know she's destined for greater things. While it's too early to tell exactly what they'll be, every Ava Sambora enthusiast shall be watching in anticipation and supporting her every sexy step along the way.

Source: TwitterInstagram


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