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Sexy TwitPics: Ashley Graham

10.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

What's beautiful? The answer to that question will vary depending on who you ask. People have their own perception of beauty, like in the way they judge movies; personal taste shapes opinion. There are also standards by which beauty can be measured, and in the competitive world of modeling, you can be sure people have their own idea of what standards an aspiring model must meet. Some, especially in the past, would probably say a woman of Ashley Graham's measurements wouldn't meet the criteria set by the fashion industry, nor by a majority consensus. How times have changed. While she still may not be asked to participate in one of Donald Trump's beauty pageants, Ashley Graham has played an important role in swaying the court of public opinion, or, perhaps, unearthing what most have already known: Thick is as every bit as sexy as thin. Her commanding social media presence only serves to punctuate that fact.

Even though - amidst discussing a plus-size model - you may find my use of an adjective like "groundbreaking" to be some kind of distasteful innuendo, rest assured, I'm referring to her grand curvaceousness being celebrated, not shunned. Twas not always so; before Ashley Graham, no plus-size model had ever appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition; were not likely candidates for selling lingerie (unless it was for a small market portion that existed out of the mainstream), nor were they social media sensations. Ms. Graham checks all those boxes and then some. Refusing to let her bodacious body be the only thing she can attribute to her success, she even designed a line of lingerie for Addition Elle. The bangin' 28-year-old is evolving before our very eyes, becoming a one-woman industry, and documenting the process for her loyal social media followers.

Don't let yourself be deceived by the 149K followers on Twitter. This is a trend we're seeing more and more as platforms like Snap Chat and Instagram become the preferred choice of compulsive picture-posters everywhere. The prolific hottie has amassed 2.5m followers on Instagram; a number any aspiring model would gladly f**k over one of their professional peers to attain. The Internet community can't seem to get enough of her full-figured form and photogenic face (I always thought she kind of looked like an Eva Mendes, Kelly Brook hybrid). Can you blame people of good taste for losing their shit over a volumputous babe like Ms. Graham, here? I think not – as you'll see from this consolidated collection of selfies, snaps and bikini-clad imagery, there's a lot to like about Ashley Graham.

Source: TwitterInstagram


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