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Sexy TwitPics: Ashley Benson

03.05.2013by: Salacious Crumb

The most exciting time of year for middle-aged beach residents with cameras, Spring Break, is just around the corner. As is Harmony' Korine's SPRING BREAKERS, which will probably set the bar even higher for those young college students getting ready to "get crunk" and "skeet skeet" because "YOLO", right? (Sigh). Maybe the movie will end on a good message, and those students will think twice before hitting up that donkey show in Tijuana. Maybe, just maybe, the movie will give college dudes all the string bikini and daisy duke satisfaction they need, and they will instead spend their free week reading a book. Maybe, just maybe (but probably not). Either way, they'll be dissapointed when they make it to that STD-infested beach only to discover not a single one of those "girls gone wild" is pretty little liar Ashley Benson.

Benson is a perfect candidate for this tuesday's Twitter titillation, since SPRING BREAKERS is just on the horizon, and she went on a full-on TwitPics frenzy during production. Not to mention, she appears to hang out quite a lot with co-star Vanessa Hudgens, as well as her fellow "Pretty Little Liars" cast members Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale. Despite looking very naturally hot in an "girl next door" sense, Ashley plays it a little more PG-13 than other social-networking girls her age. Her TwitPics are certainly hot, but in a laid back, "I don't have to prove it" kind of way, which isn't a bad thing. But don't try to reel in this hottie's number unless you've "got major swag" as they say, because Ashley only surrounds herself with the coolest of studs...

Admittedly, I know little to nothing about Ashley Benson's career as an actress, but judging by her Twitter and Instagram gallery, which fairly balances out her sexy side and her artistic side, she seems like the kinda girl I'd like to share a cross joint with. At the very least, she'd be fun to look at. If these pics entice you to get to know Ashley a little better, you can check out her Twitter page HERE. As for those of you prepping for your Spring Break, just be careful jumping off of them balconies. And one last piece of advice: if you do in fact wind up attending a donkey show, and you feel like keep your dignity, then for God's sake, SIT IN THE BACK.



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