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Sexy TwitPics: Arianny Celeste

04.08.2014by: Salacious Crumb

After last week's seemingly bottomless selection of Lindsay Lohan's twitpics, I figured the most humane thing to do would be to focus on a hottie whom the many find attractive and is keen to social media. As far as those things are concerned, Arianny Celeste pretty much fits the bill. You probably know Arianny for occasionally popping up around these parts in a bikini, her history as a ring girl for the UFC, or perhaps you caught our Hottie Stop interview with her a little while back. Today we give you another reason to love Arianny, and that's the extensive collection of selfies and butt shots she apparently keeps on her phone.

Although Ms. Celeste isn't technically known as an actress, she has appeared in some awe-inspiring viral videos, like this "Simpsons Trivia Video", or the one where she's in a Princess Leia costume. She also hosted UFC Ultimate Insider, a web-only UFC sports news show which featured Joe Rogan interviewing various fighters. These days, Arianny has been keeping herself busy in the best way we could hope for: posting images of bikini'd self on the daily for all of her fans to see. Seriously, I would almost take a bet that this woman never goes a day without putting on a swimsuit, even in the coldest of winter. If she went out in blue jeans and a raincoat, she'd probably feel naked. So let's all take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are that Arianny has a perfectly healthy obsession with social media.

That's some dangerous multi-tasking right there.

If you're already on the social media train, I wouldn't think you would need much more convincing. If you care to keep up to date with Arianny's bikini colection, you may start following her on Twitter here, or n Instagram here.



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