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Sexy TwitPics: Anna Kendrick

06.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

When you hear the words Titter, Tweet, text and Instagram, the broader term of social media is directly implied. When you hear the name Anna Kendrick, the term sex symbol is not directly implied. That's not to say she isn't one; it's more that, unlike many of her peers, she subscribes to a less impulsive, more restrained kind of sexy – sex symbol is a generalization usually reserved for hotties that are less practiced in the preservation of dignity; not inline with Kendrick's "take home to mom" demeanor. For those of you that frequent this section you know her reluctant ways are often harped upon. It will [then] come as no surprise this collection of social media pics isn't filled with bikini-clad selfies, or of Ms. Kendrick wearing an assortment of look-at-me attire... she's not that kind of girl. Instead of focusing on the kind of sexy she's has no desire to be ad nauseam, let's talk about all the ways why – and there are many – she is a lusted after hottie, even if the thought of being labeled as such would stimulate her gag reflex.

As you can deduce from the above image, this brisk brunette uses social media not to buy your attention with an a abundance of free looks at her goods, but rather to intrigue you with sharp wit and clever quips (something that keeps her loyal followers coming back). This is a stark contrast to other celebrity babes, whose followers return to see the latest set of ass pics. Think about it; that's quite the accomplishment. If a classic beauty like her can tickle both your funny bone and your pickle, well... that's a special brand of sexy indeed; a rare one, you might say. After all, it can't be easy to detract attention from a bevy of beautiful features and bring an equally fine sense of humor and approachable personality to your attention. This is a woman you may actually engage with in those moments of postcoital bliss because, instead of asking some insecure question like: What are you thinking? – she'd easily draw you into a stimulating conversation by breaking the ice with some clever innuendo or uncomfortable observation about your techniques in bed.

                                                  Smoking a joint with Anna Kendrick is a different kind of fantasy

7 milllion followers on Instagram, 5.5 million followers on Twitter: huge numbers for a celebrity babe who offers up little in the way of flesh-filled selfies. That's why today's subject deserves every bit of fame she's spent her lengthy career accumulating. Not everyone can do what she does, particularly in the world of social media where there is a direct correlation between brazzen behavior and mass followings, Anna racks up big numbers by engaging us not just with her beauty, but with her mind, spunky disposition, quotable quips and lovable personality. It seems only fitting I close with one of my favorite bits of harsh truths she saw fit to share: "Oh God. I just realized I'm stuck with me my whole life." The world – as well as the whole of social media – is stuck with you Anna Kendrick. Thank the f**king Lawd!

Extra Tidbit: One more quote: "Ugh - NEVER going back to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered "inappropriate"
Source: InstaGramTwitter


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