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Sexy TwitPics: Angie Varona

07.30.2013by: Salacious Crumb

If you've done as much "hottie surfing" through the interwebs as yours truly, you've probably done a double-take of Angie Varona once or twice before, without bothering to remember her by name. Why not? Well, she's mainly known for showing off her body on various social-networking sites. I don't know how one goes about making a quick buck by posting ridiculously sexy pictures of themselves on Twitter, but if it paid $2 for mouth-watering pic, Angie would be a millionaire, at least.

This 20-year-old Twitterholic has been surfacing around the net for quite some time, thanks to her hourglass figure and her tendancy to post as many pics of it as possible, but I'd like to think there's so much more to this iguana-loving, hookah-enjoying, Republican, West-coast stoner chick than what's on the outside. Plus, I need to be careful how to approach writing about Angie language-wise, as she apparently didn't take kindly to the inappropriate manner in which discussed her internet exploits. More than just another attention-horror, Angie has her heart set on becoming a professional muscle-model, often sending off hints of envy towards women with chiseled abs. Frankly, I think Angie looks significantly better than half the women she looks up to, which is all thanks to plenty of exercise and a very strict diet of pizza, Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and even more McDonald's. Diet or no diet, Angie has some of the luckiest damn pets alive on this planet.

When cruising through the endless ocean that is Angie Varona's social media gallery, be sure to expect many, many, many selfies taken from the reverse side of a bedroom mirror. Angie also tends to express interest in other social media ladies with outstanding figures on a regular basis (they all need to stick together). Of course, being that "California dreamgirl" the Beach Boys were talking about, you may find yourself cropping significant others out of her photos on occasion. If you find yourself raising more than your eyebrows in light of this particular hottie's gallery, you can follow Angie on Twitter HERE, or on Instagram HERE. Trust me, there's plenty more to be explored, and probably to look forward to as Angie continues to whip herself into shape (as if she hasn't already succeed, and then some). Until next time, happy drooling!


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