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Sexy TwitPics: Anastasia Ashley Part II

04.21.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Wake up, surf, Instagram, surf, go to bed, repeat. That's what would seem to be the weekly agenda of gorgeous surfer/model Anastasia Ashley, with the very possible exception of "sleep". Anastasia's waves collide with the waves of the ocean just about every day. Seriously, this girl basically spends every waking moment on the beach, but luckily for us, the battery in her phone never seems to run out. Nor does her seemingly endless supply of brand new bikinis. We presented some of Anastasia to you just under a year ago, and in that short time, she's posted enough hot twitpics to support at least three more of these columns. It's obvious she has someone nearby at all times taking the pictures for her, but that's besides the point (also, sign me up if that position ever needs filling). That said, many of these photos are expertly shot, and with Ashley sporting her uniform bikini in each one, all the more stunning to observe.

On her Instagram page, Anastasia describes herself as a "professional surfer + ambassador of fun", and I can't say that doesn't add up. If you're nearly as surveilliant as I when it comes to hotties on social media, you should know that Anastasia is particularly prone to showing off her shapely surfer girl bum, whether it be through social media or photo sessions. Her rear-end was even a sponsor of Carl's Jr. & Hardee's "Monday Bunday" promotion, as you'll see in the gallery. Hey, so long as she's clearly proud of her assets, I'm not going to insult her by not looking for hours on end, right? Here's Anastasia trying to hail a taxi in that city that started hiring blind cab drivers... Thanks a lot, Obamacare.

Although Anastasia gets sand in her crack all year round, summer is just around the corner, so we can only expect the bikini-scapades to continue in the coming months. Feel free to come along for the ride by checking her out on Twitter here, or on Instagram here.


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