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Sexy TwitPics: Amanda Cerny

02.24.2015by: Salacious Crumb

This week's TwitPic tweetheart was initially intended to be THE LAZARUS EFFECT's Sarah Bolger, before I realized she was already being featured as this week's "Hot or Not" contestant. I also realized Bolger's collection of self-taken photographs were in the same vein as last week's hottie, Emily Kinney, as they both keep their stuff pretty modest and reserved. So instead, we're going to go with a hottie who takes the exact opposite approach with her social media hijinks, professional model and part-time actress Amanda Cerny

Cerny shows no restraint whatsoever when it comes to showing off her curves to the cyber universe, whether she's posing half naked or displaying heavy amounts of cleavage in just about every post that goes up. I know the sheer gratuitousness may turn some schmoes away, but as much as I appreciate the more PG-rated efforts of girls like Emily Kinney, it's simply refreshing to come along a bikini-cluttered gallery like Cerny's. Anyone who agrees with that sentiment will feel like a kid in a candy store scrolling through this gallery, and better yet, it's free candy. I say if someones handing out free candy, take as much as you can get, right? (This philosophy does not apply to anyone under the age of 17).

While Amanda is a self-proclaimed actress, her only official acting credits are in two films which haven't even been released yet, one with the title #SPEEDBALL, the other, BETTING ON BAKER. Despite her thin profile, Amanda's Vine videos have become increasingly popular, which is probably where most Hollywood agents are going to seek out "the next big star" these days. If you wind up digging her pictures, I'd highly recommend checking out her Vine page if you have a couple hours or days to kill (seriously, she's made a lot of videos). She's surprisingly good at it, too, showing off her witty sense of humor, which she doesn't display too much with her TwitPics. The most we get with those is extremely suggestive innuendo like this...

Care to see more of Amanda Cerny and her magnificent, uhm, antics? You can do so by checking out her Instagram page here, her Twitter page here, or as mentioned above, her Vine page here.


Extra Tidbit: Does anyone else wish they could be a dog all of the sudden?


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