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Sexy TwitPics: Alexandria DeBerry

08.18.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Did anyone here ever catch the teen sitcom A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel during its 3 season run? What's that? You have no idea what the hell I'm talking about? Well, I suppose Nickelodeon is more of the go-to place for fully grown adults seeking hot actresses on kids programs, but Disney's been known to crank out some hotties as well. In the case of the now cancelled A.N.T. Farm, that hottie was Houston, Texas-born Alexandria DeBerry...

Now that you're back from the hospital, I aught to point out that DeBerry wasn't even a main character on A.N.T. Farm, but played a recurring character named Paisley Houndstooth (wtf?). That said, she's been hopping around to different projects all across the board of genres for years, including the upcoming season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, THE STARVING GAMES and Suburgatory. In 2015 alone, DeBerry's been credited for 10 seperae gigs althogether, a handful of them being horror-based. Frankly, I think she would've made a perfectly stable career as a professional cheerleader.

Alexandria began modeling at 5, moving on to campaigns and commercials throughout her childhood (including American Girl and Barbie), and she continues to set her goals high. Seeing that her filmography has expanded more and more with each progressing year, you can expect we'll be seeing more of her down the line. I've been wanting to feature Allie's social media pics in this column ever since I discovered her some months ago, but decided to hold off in the hopes that she might hit the beach a lot over the summer. I couldn't have been more dead right! This is one Disney chick who likes being in the sun, and she's a pro at finding the appropriate attire to do so.

If you're more than satisfied with the selected selfies, you should do yourself a favor and start stalking DeBerry on Twitter here, or on Instagram over here. Happy scrolling!


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