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Sexy TwitPics: Alison Brie

02.26.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Have you schmoes been helping out your "Community" lately? Of course, I'm not referring to the town of robot clones you're currently residing in, but the NBC program "Community", which could really use the extra viewers right now to get the pass for another season. The show already suffered last year by being knocked out of the regular Fall schedule, pushing their original air-dates back by 5 months. Frankly, on the surface, it does seem like one of those shows that was born to end sooner than later, but luckily, "Community"'s die-hard fans could no longer survive off of the nutrients provided by "30 Rock" and "Parks and Recreation", so they wrote lots and lots of letters. Some letters demanded there be more completely random plotlines with "fourth wall"-breaking dialogue. Some letters demanded there be more Donald Glover on television, because he's the Shakespeare of modern comedy. But I have a hunch most of the letters simply demanded there be more of Alison Brie's boobs on TV.

It's moments like these I wish I was a green monkey.

Much like last week's "Sexy TwitPics" contender, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Alison isn't required to pile her Twitter account with extreme close-ups of her cleavage to remain a hottie in our eyes. Despite being a vital source of scrum-diddly-umptious eye-candy on "Community" as well as "Mad Men", Alison keeps her gallery of personal images tasteful and PG-rated (for the most part). This may be good news to some people, and frustrating for everybody else. Still, she makes up for it with her fun attitude, and by being on of the most adorable women to ever enter the "Sexy TwitPics" column. Plus, it's always cool when a famous Twitter chick responds to her fans, and Brie seems to try to stay as social as possible (she's even been known to retweet stories from So there you have it, Alison Brie's Twitter account is a place where dreams come true...

... Well, about this close to true, which is pretty damn close.

Brie, who used to work part-time as a clown for children's birthday parties, seems to have a genuine love for the type of off-the-wall humor often seen on "Community". By stalking her on Twitter (which you can get started on HERE), you'll find out how much she loves goofing off on set, wearing funny hats, eating bugs(?), drinking Red Stripe Jamaican beer, pinching nipples, and hanging out with the other 2/3rds of her singing girl group, The Girls (a band that strictly does covers). Seems like we learn something new about Alison Brie everyday, which is all the more reason for you to tickle her Twitter bone. Did I really just write that? Yup.



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