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Sexy TwitPics: Ali Cobrin

05.14.2013by: Salacious Crumb

Don't worry. This is one of only a few duck-faces you will see in this gallery.

Last week, we presented you with the very best of Sofia Vergara's Twitter gallery, and I must say I was pretty surprised with the response (or lack thereof). While she's still popular with the majority, apparently the "Modern Family" hottie isn't everyone's cup of tea. So this week, I've chosen a gal who's perhaps less known, but nearly impossible not to love, Ali Cobrin. The name may not ring bells right away, but if you caught AMERICAN REUNION, you most definitely remember this girl. If not, here's a friendly reminder. She's also starred ináShowtime's "LOOK." and the 2009 3-D horror film THE HOLE. Sure, her filmography may be a little flimsy, but she makes for a terrific "TwitPic" candidate, if only for her obvious love and embracement of the life around her. Oh, and she's hot, too.

Ali Cobrin is 23-years-old, and is still pretty new to the scene.áHowever, after checking out her Twitter page, I'm willing to bet that her positive attitude and outlandish behavior will get her far in the business. One of the many cool things about Ali is her fondness for arts and crafts, which you will see a lot of. She actually attends a class located in a worn-out, brick building which she refers to as her "weird, hippy art school". What I really dig about Ali is she seems incredibly down-to-earth for a chickáwho's bared her breasts on film and posed for Maxim all within aáyear. She doesn't try toábe a "sex-symbol", and without having a keen sense of humor, that role in AMERICAN REUNION wouldn't have been a twelfth as entertaining. When it comes to social networking, Ali balances outáher goofball side and her adorable side. And as apposed to many other actressesáwho practically use Instagram as a personal mirror, Ali posts pictures of herself actually doing things. Things that are actually somewhat interesting...

For those of you who have already decided you want to stalk Ali on Twitter, you can get to it HERE. If you choose to do so, here are some images you're bound to see: Ali's big pouty eyes, pictures of her cats, her art projects, whatever beautiful scenery she stumbles upon, herself in a bikini, more pictures of her cats, Ali making funny faces, her daily shenanigans onset of whatever show/film she's working on, andů more pictures of her cats. You'll also learn why her boyfriend is one of the luckiest bastards alive (the 9th picture down is a prime example). Of course, this column is meant to provide the "sexiest" photos of the bunch, so that's mainly what you'll be getting here. I hope you have as much fun staring at them as I had digging them up. Pleasant scrolling!



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