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Sexy TwitPics: Alexis Ren

03.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

Apart from possessing all the sexy features a man could want, Alexis Ren also possesses the kind of infectious free spirit anyone can see as a fine example of how to live life. Granted she's young and the kind of carefree frivolity she exudes will be dissipated by life itself (buzz kill), but you can't look at all her social media postings of skydiving, surfing and romance and not wish some point in your life mirrors her own. It would be a curious litmus test to see if these were the reasons she was able to garner over 4 million followers on Instagram and 350k followers on Twitter or if it's just because horny dude's are unable to get their fill of images featuring her bodacious butt. Myself; it's definitely both, however, I could do with less mushy make out pics of her and the boyfriend.

Since I had to go and bring up the boy friend, I'll say this: Normally if a hottie posts as many racy pictures of her engaging in lewd conduct with her significant other as Ms. Ren does, I'd use the written word to go into a whole diatribe about my complete and utter disdain, deep from within the darkly envious corners of my soul. No need here – I actually find the endless string of make out pics as a way to punctuate just what a sexual being this free bird is. I also have to admit: it's kind of impressive that they all somehow look like something from a Calvin Klein underwear catalog. I did spare you, the dear readers, from having to click through hundreds of photos of that shit. If you want to get a better idea what I'm talking about, follow the link to her Twitter or Instagram page.

What do I love most? – I'm glad you asked. Besides her unbelievably awesome body, I like the fact that there's nothing pretentious or self-important about her. From the limited information one can acquire by way of photos and videos, she seems like a super hot dork if I'm being completely honest; that makes her even more sexy. The kind of girl that's totally down for some Nintendo (insert your own preferred gaming platform here) and Star Wars in between breathtaking coital encounters. Whether you find her looks homely or are in awe at a text book example of "the girl next door" kind of hot, you have to admit, a girl who is addicted to the natural high of life is endearing as hell.

What do you guys think of this young lass? You think she deserves more time in the proverbial spotlight? Or do her bikini-clad adventures make you feel like you're not living your life to the fullest? Don't be mad; grab your beach towel, strap on your banana hammock, head to an exotic destination and; who knows? – you may cross sand covered paths while following this females fine example. Easier said than done, I know.

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